Moné & Miró | Marvin Windows & Doors (USA)
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Marvin Windows & Doors (USA)

Campaigns, In Motion

“Marvin goes on tour with us.”



We are proud to partner with Modern Home Tours LLC in hosting Marvin Windows & Doors as the presenter for the 2017 season. Together we will be placing the prestigious brand in over a dozen high-profile markets in the US and Canada and introducing 13,500+ tour goers to their exclusive products at a featured Marvin home in each city. We will also share Marvin’s love for modern on @welovemodern‘s social media channels, national newsletter and website, extensive public relations campaigns and print and digital regional ads series. To forge a deeper connection between the two brands, we will produce a signature video and share with an elite worldwide online audience.


“The high-end nature of their products, their sleek aesthetics and their great reputation make Marvin a fantastic partner for the tour. Modern Home Tours LLC has been delivering the most robust home tour experience in the nation since 2009 and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with such great brands.” Through their home tour experiences, the producers have captured the hearts of attendees in Texas, California, Colorado, Oregon and more.