Moné & Miró | Work
Moné & Miró is an international full-service marketing agency, research core and creative studio based in Central Texas, serving accounts from all over the world since 2008. Always looking forward, our agency is focused on unique branding strategies, digital transformation and impactful user experiences. From printed magazines to real-time data collection, we design, plan and execute cutting-edge programs and campaigns that create long-lasting consumer engagement and drive value.
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We have used data to predict the outcome of presidential elections. We recently designed, sold and produced a multi-tier healthcare event at the JW Marriott in Downtown Austin. We have worked on ambitious marketing campaigns with local and international clients. We have helped give global brands a voice in local markets. We co-produced a one-day, two-million-dollar production. We designed Austin’s most beautiful magazine. We love our work.

projects in motion

Aside from smaller client projects, we have set our sights for 2017 on campaigns of social transformation and community engagement. Here are the annual campaigns and programs that we are most excited for.

more work

Our agency has worked with hundreds of clients from a dozen countries, by instilling inspiration and delivering short and long-term solutions to brands in the fields of healthcare, tech, retail, lifestyle and government, among others.


Our client portfolio spans from small, boutique firms, to pharmaceutical and consumer brands with global reach. By way of brand placement, event production, messaging strategies and advertising campaigns, we have developed excellent relationships with top players in a number of relevant industries. Here are just a few of our favorites:

select partners

let’s talk.

Conversation with our clients is the birthplace for inspiration. Let’s connect to brainstorm ideas and start working on your next big campaign. Coffee is encouraged and it’s on us.